More Windows Differences

In reading a bit more, it seems to me that not only does Windows use the discrete graphics card, thereby drawing more power, but it also seems to run the CPU at full throttle, providing no power savings.  It has the side effect of running very hot.  The MacBook Pro doesn’t exhibit that behavior in OS X.

Two things I commonly do cannot seem to be done on the MacBook.  One is right-click dragging in Windows.  For example, if I wanted to extract a zip file into a specific folder, I could right-click drag the zip file to the folder.  When I let go of the button, I would get a list of options where I could extract the file.  The default is to move the file.  Since the trackpad has no right button, I can’t find a way to do it.

The other thing that I commonly do is to press ALT-D to get to the address bar in a web browser.  While it still works in Windows, I cannot do it on the Mac which means I have to move the mouse to the address bar, click in the field, then press COMMAND-A to select all, then type.

Update: I just read a web page that says it can be accomplished with COMMAND-L while COMMAND-OPTION-F will jump to the Google search bar.  Good things to know!

I think I’m going to keep the 15” MacBook Pro.  The 13” is certainly lighter and more portable with its smaller size, but I’d really like to move toward having just one computer for everything rather than having two separate computers to serve different purposes.  Having two computers works, especially with file sharing within the network, but it’s less convenient.  On the other hand, I would have to keep a computer on to print anyway unless I wanted to walk the laptop to the printer every time I wanted to print.  I have no plans to buy a wireless printer any time soon.  With the good resale price, the initial price is high but upgrading to a new computer in the future could be offset by the sale of the current one making new ones more reasonable if I should stay with the Macs.

As much as like the portability of the 13” MacBook, I cannot get the idea of using the 15” to replace all computers.  An extra $600 could be worth it rather than replacing the three old desktop later.  Then again, $600 can buy a decent desktop which in turn could be potentially upgraded even later.