Windows on the 13″ MBP

I decided to install Windows on the 13” to get a feel for it because I’m really unable to make up my mind as to which computer to keep.  I went through the same installation as described above.  The many levels of updates is really something Microsoft needs to work on.  Can’t they withdraw a patch if there is another patch that fixes the first patch?  I mean honestly, having to check for updates over 5 times in succession and actually find new updates that take a long time to install is ridiculous considering I started with the latest service pack.  If I end up writing a program, I will never have a patch for a patch requiring both to be installed.

One big difference seems to be that the 13” did not get nearly as hot as the 15”, even without installing the fan control program.  It got warm but not burning hot.  Of course the Core i5 dual-core chip isn’t nearly as powerful as the Core i7 quad-core chip.  There’s no discrete graphics card generating extra heat either.  It did get hot during the Cinebench and Windows Experience Index tests.

The fan control program on the 15” doesn’t sense the CPU temperature correctly but it does see the two graphics card temperatures.  On the 13” it doesn’t sense either the CPU nor the graphics card temperatures.  The fan does work on manual though.  There only seems to be one fan in the 13” versus two fans in the 15” MacBook.  One oddity is that on even when shutting down the program or restarting to OS X, the fan stayed on high (if it was set to it).  Shutting down the machine and then turning it back on fixed that problem.