Decision and Reinstallation

After seeing that HP and Dell 15” laptops that are configured similarly to the 15” MacBook Pro can be bought for about $900-$1000 (after discounts), I cannot justify paying the extra $700 (with student discount) to keep the 15”.  Note that those prices are cheaper than even the 13”!  A CNET review even said they expected more at the 13”’s price point.  They favored the MacBook Air at the same price.

I had previously leaned toward the 15” so I removed Boot Camp from the 13”.  After coming to this decision, I did the same to the 15” and had to reinstall Boot Camp and Windows on the 13”.  This time I kept track of the updates.

Repartitioned and reinstalled Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1
Installed Apple Support Software (Boot Camp)
Configured wireless setting
Installed 77 important and 3 optional updates (314 MB)
Installed update for Windows Update
Installed 1 important update (41 MB)
Installed 11 important updates (that suddenly appeared after the one) (167.5 MB)
No updates found
Installed Microsoft Security Essentials (There are quite a few choices at
Installed 1 important and 1 optional update (12.5 MB)