A Techier Way to Add Printers

In trying to get the printer working, one of the things I tried was suggested in a forum post on discussions.apple.com by a user called Frithweaver.  The directions used CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) and went as follows:

1. Point Safari to http://localhost:631
2. Select top menu “Administration”
3. Select “Add Printer”
4. Authenticate if requested
5. Select “Windows printer via spoolss” and press “Continue”
6. Use the following syntax to add the printer “smb://DOMAIN;LOGIN:PASSWORD@SERVER/PRINTQUEUE” in the “Connection” field and press “Continue” (replace CAPITALS with your own configuration)
7. Introduce a name in the “Name” field, for example myPrinter
8. Select your printer manufacturer from the “Make” list and press “Continue”
9. Select your printer model from the “Model” list and press “Add Printer”

I ran into a problem right at step #1.  The browser showed “The web interface is currently disabled. Run ‘cupsctl WebInterface=yes’ to enable it.”  I opened Terminal and did so.  My next problem was at step 3.  I couldn’t authenticate.  My user account is an administrator but it doesn’t have a password so I couldn’t authenticate (though I didn’t realize that at the time).  I read a diferent post on superuser.com by a user called SysAdmin1138 that stated:

By default, the CUPS admin interface needs ‘root’ to change anything.  By default, OS X leaves the ‘root’ user disabled.  To make changes by way of the CUPS web interface, you need to enable root.  Apple has published a procedure for this, the exact steps vary by OS X version: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1528.

The Lion (10.7) way to do it is:
1. Click System Preferences
2. Under System, click Users & Groups
3. Click on the lock and authenticate with an administrator account.
4. Click Login Options
5. Next to Network Account Server, click the Join… button
6. Click the Open Directory Utility… button
7. At the Edit menu at the very top, click Enable Root User.
8. Enter the root password you wish to use in both the Password and Verify fields, then click OK.

After going through it all though, it didn’t fix my problem so I disabled the root user and CUPS web interface and continued my search.  My solution was detailed in my previous post.