Keyboard Differences

Moving between Windows and OS X while working in Google Docs is a bit annoying.  It’s not just that program, it’s what I have to do to use the keyboard shortcuts.  In OS X, COMMAND-U is the Underline shortcut but in Windows it’s CTRL-U.  COMMAND is mapped to be the WINDOWS key in Windows 7 so pressing WINDOWS-U opens up the Ease of Access Center.

On this MacBook Pro, the keys on the left bottom row are FUNCTION, CONTROL, ALT/OPTION, and COMMAND.  On my dv4i, a typical Windows layout, it’s CTRL, FUNCTION, WINDOWS, and ALT.  That means everything’s in the wrong place which can really mess with your head as you regularly switch back and forth.

I still miss the PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN, HOME, and END keys.  Pressing FUNCTION and the appropriate arrow key works but it’s not the same.

The MacBook’s trackpad is silky-smooth and very versatile.  The touchpad on my HP is not fun to use after getting used to the MacBook’s.