Bluetooth Sharing for My Phone

I spent quite a while trying to transfer a picture from my phone, a Motorola Atrix running Gingerbread,  to my MacBook Pro via Bluetooth.  I know Bluetooth is slow but for one picture, it’s no big deal and is usually easier than going and getting the USB cable.  I have successfully done it with my HP dv4i laptop.

In the case of the Mac, I enabled Bluetooth Sharing:  System Preferences -> Sharing -> Bluetooth Sharing.  I successfully paired the phone with the Mac but that’s as far as I got.  When I attempted to transfer a picture, the Mac showed the status as mostly “Disconnected” with brief moments of “Connected”.  I read many pages about it and while a few people said they were successful in getting their Android phone to work with the Mac, others said they were not successful.  Some people suggested using the Bluetooth File Transfer app from the Play store but that didn’t work for me either.

Since I was unsuccessful in OS X despite numerous attempts, I thought maybe the forums out there were right saying it was a battle of the giants between Apple vs. Google.  As I mentioned, it works just fine on my HP laptop so I figured I’d boot into Boot Camp and transfer it there.  Well that didn’t work either.  Windows showed “Device driver software was not successfully installed.”  Specifically, three entries for “Bluetooth Peripheral Device(s)” had “No driver found.”

A user on suggested installing a program from Broadcom (the maker of the Bluetooth radio) at but that didn’t help me either.

In the end, I was unsuccessful in getting the phone to work with the MacBook over Bluetooth in either OS.