NameCheap and WordPress

NameCheap, like many hosting providers, lets domain owners use cPanel to manage their domains.  Using it, I successfully created an e-mail account, configured spam filtering, tried out ftp access, and just explored.

There are numerous programs you can easily install.  I chose WordPress because it’s the most popular blogging software (and because I can always uninstall it and choose something else if I didn’t like it). I renamed the administrative account and the table_prefix as advised in  I explored the various options in the Dashboard and changed a few settings to my liking.

Since I wanted the site to be my personal website, I made the homepage a static page and made the blog a separate but easily accessible page.  I uploaded a picture taken while I was in Italy of the Cinque Terre (Five Lands) village of Monterosso al Mare to help express my interest in traveling.  After putting a little something on the homepage, I posted the various blog entries by back-dating them to when I wrote them.

Overall, I find WordPress easy to use and it seems to suit my needs so far.  NameCheap’s service seems pretty good too as my pages appear to load quickly as I check my posts which is what I want the most from a hosting provider.