Google, Bing, and Spam

I submitted this site into the webmaster tools on Google and Bing just a few days ago.  Yesterday I received my first spam comment.  It’s really a testament to how fast spammers find new sites to post to.  It’s also a good indication of how fast Google and Bing add a site to their listings.  I checked both search engines and they both indeed have it listed.  I was going to submit it to Yahoo as well but I learned Bing is powering Yahoo’s search engine now so there was really no need.  I confirmed it by searching for my site on Yahoo and sure enough, it was there.

Because I, like pretty much everyone, don’t like spam, I moderate my comments.  That means even though the spam comment was submitted, it never made it to the site. I’m considering trying out a plug-in or two to help manage it.

One thing I learned from it though was WordPress keeps track of the ip address of the sender.  A nice site to look up the information on an ip address is  They make the process pretty easy and will give you the ISP through and other websites.

For example, the ip information for this particular spammer was,  A whois search returned Ubiquity Server Solutions Seattle in Tukwila, Washington.

Even as I typed this blog entry, another e-mail notification came in about a comment from another spammer.  This one was from which belongs to ServerHub Cloud VPS in Chandler, Arizona.

Maybe I should try a plug-in.