Spam and Sitemap Plugins

Yesterday I posted about receiving my first two spam comments on this site.  While reading about plugins to help filter them, I received a third.  Akismet comes with WordPress but I read it has false positives so it’s not my first choice to try.  I decided to go with a plugin called Block Spam By Math Reloaded by James Pegram.  It adds a simple math equation that must be answered before a comment can be submitted for moderation.  I’m certain that some spammers have already got around this by training their bots to answer the equation but I figured it would at least help.  It’s been running for about a day now and I have received one spam comment during that time.  Only time will tell how effective it is.

I used a plugin called Google Sitemap Plugin by BestWebSoft to create a sitemap.xml file to help search engines index the site.  It worked well but unfortunately it didn’t seem to automatically update the file as I created more posts.  That meant I had to manually tell it to do so which isn’t as convenient as it could be.

I decided to deactivate it and install Google XML Sitemaps by Arne Brachhold instead.  It has many more features and even pings Google and Bing when a new post is uploaded.  It has an option to ping Ask as well but it seemed to have problems with that so I unchecked that option.  The plugin seems nice so far.

If you’re wondering what one of the fastest ways to get your site on search engines (at least on Google and Bing) is, create a sitemap file, open a free webmaster account with Google and Bing, and give them the URL to the sitemap.  I noticed my site on theirs in just a few days.  Remember that Bing powers Yahoo’s search so it will show up there automatically when you submit it to Bing.