CLMLSvc.exe and TVAgent.exe

When I turn my HP laptop on, the hard drive goes on and on for far too long.  Typing “resmon” in the run command to get the Resource Monitor, I watched the what was causing the activity by watching the Disk Activity in the Disk tab.  One thing that stood out was CLMLSvc.exe.  I searched for it and saw many posts complaining about it but none of them said how to make it go away.  It’s part of CyberLink’s Media Library Service.  I’ve never used it and yet it’s been taking away from my time by running upon every boot and caused me to listen to the hard drive thrash about.

I tried to disable it from automatically starting but interestingly enough, I was unable to find it.  I ran System Configuration (Run -> sysconfig) and disabled all startup items but it still ran.  It has to be in services but I only saw one Cyberlink entry and that didn’t seem to be it.  The only thing I really know for sure is that whatever causes it to launch, it requires Windows Event Log to also be running.  When I disabled Windows Event Log, the Cyberlink process didn’t run.

Since that’s not the best solution, I came up with a better workaround.  I searched the hard drive for its location and found it at

  • Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\TouchSmart\Media\Kernel\CLMLSvc.exe

I changed its extension by renaming the file to “CLMLSvc.exe.goaway”.  The system can’t run what it can’t find.  After effectively disabling it, I checked the Resource Monitor again and I found TVAgent.exe also taking up a lot of disk activity time.  That’s also something I have never used.  I searched the hard drive for it and found it at

  • Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\Media\Live TV\TVAgent.exe

I renamed it “TVAgentexe.goaway” and it too stopped running.  Now when I boot up my computer, it still takes a while but the hard drive doesn’t continue to grind away for a long time after boot up.

I hope this information can save someone else from having to listen to their hard drive  grind away needlessly upon bootup.