I installed the Block-Spam-By-Math-Reloaded plugin on this WordPress site a while ago.  It adds a simple math equation that a person has to answer before a comment will be uploaded for moderation.  I find it does indeed help curb the spam.  I still got a couple after installing it but that’s much better than getting three spam comments in one day before I installed it.

By default, it puts the equation after the post button which is unfortunate as a commenter may not see it before posting.  I looked through the php file but since I’m not versed in php, I could not figure out how to change it.  Fortunately, the author made it easy; I just didn’t figure that out until later.

In the WordPress Dashboard, go to Settings -> Block Spam by Math.  At the very bottom, there’s an option that says “Manually add a custom hook.”  It says in order to use that option, you have to open wp-includes/comment-template.php and find

<?php echo $args['comment_notes_after']; ?>

which is near the bottom of the file.  It says to add

<?php do_action( 'after_comment_box' ); ?>

after that line.  Once that’s done (and the option is selected), the math problem then gets moved to the space between the comment box and the post button which is really where it should be.

Thank you to my uncle for motivating me to figure out how to change it.