Google Talk Spam on Android

Lately I’ve been getting a fair amount of Google Talk notifications that says “[nonsense gmail address] wants to chat with you.  It gives the options to allow, cancel, or block.  If you choose to block it, the annoying person gets added to your contact list (as if you wanted them there).  It’s becoming a real problem.

I’ve Googled it but didn’t readily find a good fix.  Google Talk is not something that I have an option to completely disable within the “Manage applications” section of settings on my Atrix running Gingerbread.  That’s unfortunate since I never use it and don’t really want it.

I tried to launch Talk itself and set my status as “Invisible” but that has not stopped the spam.  Today I opened the application and went into settings and unchecked “Sign in automatically.”  I’m hopeful that will stop it but only time will tell.