Mounting a Network Drive on a Mac

Sometimes for work I had to mount a network drive after connecting by SSH.  On a Windows machine, it’s pretty easy because you can type the address directly in Windows Explorer.  You can also type it in the Run box.  I didn’t know how to do it on a Mac so I had to look it up.  It turns out it’s pretty easy.  Just open a Finder window and press Command + K which brings up the Connect to Server window.  From there, you can type the address such as smb://<address here> and click connect.  You can then enter your login and password and connect.  Thanks to OSXDaily for the information.  They also describe how to permanently mount it as the method I described only lasts until the next reboot or disconnect.

Locking the Screen on a Mac

While working in a computer lab, I have had the occasions where I had to leave the desk.  I wanted a quick way to lock my computer’s screen but didn’t know how.  Fortunately, I found directions to do it at OSXDaily.

The directions are pretty easy.  Go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> check “Require password after sleep or screen saver begins” and choose a short interval.  Close System Preferences.

The article mentions using the keyboard shortcuts depending on the type of Mac you have:

  • Control + Shift + Eject
  • Control + Shift + Power

I prefer the Hot Corner method.  You can just drag the mouse cursor to a corner of the screen, such as the lower left corner.  To activate it, go to System Preferences -> Mission Control -> Hot Corners…  Then select a corner and choose “Put Display to Sleep” (or “Start Screen Saver”).

In a separate article, they showed how to add a personal message to the lock screen in case you lose the computer.  That way people would know who the computer belongs to and how to contact you.  Simply go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> make sure the General tab is displayed -> click on the lock at the bottom and enter your password -> check “Show a message when the screen is locked” -> Set Lock Message…


Accessing the Library folder in Mac OS X

I found a need to access the Library folder in Lion while looking for something.  As a PC user, I typically unhide system folders so everything is visible but I haven’t really had a to look in hidden folders in the Mac.  I actually didn’t know the Finder hid any folders.  I found a great page at Mac World that shows 18 ways to view it.  Since I will be looking at it infrequently, I like the first choice.  Open a Finder window and use the Go To Folder command by pressing Shift-Command-G.  In the window that opens, simply type “~/Library” and it will open.  Nice and easy, just the way it should be.