Deleting LeapFrogMonitor from Mac OS X

I have used Windows PCs since Windows for Workgroups 3.11.  Programs were a lot more straightforward back then.  You could easily uninstall things without having to look in too many places.  With Windows 7, it’s a lot more complicated but at least I have an idea on how to do it.  Since I bought this MacBook Pro that I’m typing on, I’ve had the opportunity to see how another system handles things.

I installed the LeapFrog program on my Mac to interface with a LeapPad someone owns.  Since I don’t have a need for it anymore, I wanted to delete it.  I clicked on the .app file in Applications and deleted it.  When I launched Activity Monitor sometime later (many reboots later), I noticed LeapFrogMonitor was running.  I had no idea how to get rid of it.  It would be nice if Activity Monitor let you right-click on it to see where its source is.

I read Speed Up Your Computer! How To Uninstall Software Completely (PCs and Macs) which noted “Often additional files are tucked away within a Mac’s Preferences, Caches and Application Support folders in the Library.”  They also mentioned that since the Library folder is hidden, you need to “hold down Option key while you click Go in the Mac Desktop toolbar.”  I did all that and deleted what I saw under LeapFrog, rebooted, and still had the LeapFrogMonitor program running.

So, I continued my search.  I came across Uninstalling Applications in Mac OS X which gave me the answer.  The steps were:

  • Search for LeapFrog in Finder
  • Click the + button under the search box
  • Click on the box that says “Kind” and change it to “Other…”
  • Scroll down to System Files, select it and click OK
  • Change “aren’t included” to “are included”

Doing that showed the LeapFrogMonitor program in a folder that I didn’t see earlier in Application Support.  In fact, there were two LeapFrog folders there that didn’t show up when looking at them directly in the Finder.  Maybe they were hidden?  Deleting the two folders and restarting the computer finally made the persistent program go away.  Interestingly, they don’t show up in the Trash though.

It would be nice (really nice) if Mac programs included an uninstaller that got rid of things like that.  I’m not saying Windows programs always uninstall things (especially from the registry) but they do generally do a reasonable job.  I hope this information helps you.