iPod Touch 1st Generation

I’ve been slowly selling some of my unused stuff and have most recently took another look at my Apple iPod Touch 1st Generation.  The 16 GB iDevice I bought back in April 2008 cost me about $390 + tax.  I knew 8GB wouldn’t be enough, even back then.  I have fond memories of using it for years.  Of course, I remember wanting a 2nd generation Touch when it came out because it had a speaker, unlike mine.  I didn’t buy another one until the 4th generation Touch came out.

Anyhow, I looked at its contents and found I had several episodes of the podcast InTouch with Dr. Charles Stanley that I didn’t have saved on my computer.  InTouch is a television (and radio) broadcast of the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Atlanta, a Southern Baptist pastor whom I have watched for years.  I wanted to keep the episodes so I connected the iPod to my computer, fired up iTunes, and tried to back it up, only to find iTunes wouldn’t do it.  It saw the device but would not back it up.

After some Web searching, okay, Googling, I found some reports that iTunes (which I like less and less as time goes on) version 12 won’t sync with the 1st gen Touch.  I tried to install version 11 on an older PC I have but ran into lots of trouble doing it.  I uninstalled everything Apple related and tried it again but I had no luck.  In the end, the problem turned out to be some files left over in C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes.  Once I deleted the folder, the installation went well.

Unfortunately, that version of iTunes wouldn’t communicate with the Touch.  It “saw” it because it gave an error that named it an iPod but it wouldn’t communicate with it.  I got further than that with version 12.  Lots of uninstallations later, I downloaded iTunes version 10 and installed it.  That version happily communicated with it but I couldn’t figure out a way to do what I originally wanted to do, get the episodes the podcast.

After spinning my wheels for two days at this point, I did more Googling and found a free program called iDump by EscSoft which served my purpose well.  As of this writing, version seems to be the current one but I actually used an older version ( that I found here.  It’s a very simple program that did exactly what I needed it to do and I love the price, $0.  I hope this post helps you if you find yourself in a similar situation.  I highly recommend iDump.